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Stain removal in mattresses; Old yellow and general stains that have been set in the mattress fabric overtime are difficult to remove. We do attempt stain removal techniques on all stains, but we do not guarantee stain removal.

Our system will clean, sanitize and apply an anti allergen treatment.


Did you know your mattress could contain many millions of dust mites and they are silently feeding off your dead skin. You need your mattress cleaned regularly because dust mites can also trigger allergies.

The excrement from dust mites in your mattress can make you and your loved ones more prone to asthma and hay fever. There are also pathogens found in dust mite excrement and these can be responsible for eczema and other nasty skin conditions.

Our mattress cleaning service includes the removal of all dust mites, their excrement and any other debris that may have accumulated such as dead skin and hair.

We then use specialist equipment and very effective cleaning solutions that thoroughly clean the mattress. This removes any built up and ingrained dirt. Although we have excellent results with stain removal, we cannot guarantee the removal of every stain due to the nature of the materials that are used in the manufacture of mattresses.


We also clean your Latex mattress.

  • Pre-spray the mattress with Anti-Allergen pre-spray.
  • Use the Payless Carpet Cleaning's cleaning tool which uses heat and suction to clean the mattress and apply an Anti-Allergen rinse.
  • Spray the mattress with Allergy relief treatment.
  • Spray the mattress with an Anti-Allergen deodoriser


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